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CombiCraft Small Quantity: ECO Potato Starch Tokens Ø29mm with your own printing - per 100 pieces
Small Quantity: ECO Potato Starch Tokens Ø29mm with your own printing - per 100 pieces €23,95

Small Quantity: ECO Potato Starch Tokens Ø29mm with your own printing - per 100 pieces

€23,95 excl. VAT ( €28,98 incl. VAT)
price will get lower for larger numbers
  • Order 1 for €26,95 per sales unit excl. VAT
  • Order 5 for €23,95 per sales unit excl. VAT
  • Order 10 for €19,95 per sales unit excl. VAT
  • Order 20 for €15,95 per sales unit excl. VAT
  • Order 30 for €12,95 per sales unit excl. VAT
Article number:  PM-00770A
Delivery time:  2-3 workdays / 1 week
  • Customization possible on request
  • Professional quality
  • Urgent delivery possible
Biodegradable printed food and beverage tokens with a diameter of 29mm. Tokens are made from potato starch: a durable token that is 100% biodegradable when it ends up in nature. With these potato starch tokens, you also contribute to a better plastic-free world.All tokens have a raised edge and a thickness of approximately 2.35mm. They are sold in packs of 100 and available in various vibrant colors. Tokens can be excellently used as food and beverage tokens, and we are happy to print your desired design on one or both sides.

Order and send your files so that we can create artwork

Please email any files or described requirements to [email protected]. Ideally, provide graphics in Windows-compatible formats such as graphic PDFs, Adobe Illustrator (Ai), EPS, or Coral Draw (CDr). We will create artwork for your approval based on your order. Production will only proceed once you are satisfied with the design for the food and drink token. Keep designs simple and avoid excessive details that may become less visible. Simple designs are the most effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Potato Starch: Biodegradable Event Tokens

For the production of these food and beverage tokens, potato peels are used, making them 100% biodegradable. By using these potato starch tokens, you also contribute to a better environment, especially when consciously avoiding the plastic alternative.

Potato starch is a sustainable raw material. Potatoes can be harvested every year, and when managed sustainably, they become an inexhaustible resource. Additionally, these tokens are manufactured from the residual waste of the potato industry, creating a win-win situation. Potato starch is recyclable and biodegradable. In summary, it is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.Extra points to consider:

  • Tokens are biodegradable when exposed to a combination of oxygen, moisture, sunlight, and bacteria over several months. Tokens will not spontaneously break down. Compare it to wood, which is also 100% biodegradable but only breaks down under the right conditions.
  • Do not wash tokens with dish soap. If you want to clean them, use a damp cloth.
  • We recommend against prolonged use of potato starch tokens in extremely humid environments. In such cases, recycled plastic tokens may be a better option for long-term use.
Biodegradable wood tokens

Token Delivery

Tokens are delivered in a sturdy sealed plastic bag. In general, when purchasing multiple sets of 100 tokens with the same color and type, they are delivered together in one bag.

For small orders, we use a machine that cannot perfectly center the printing on the tokens. This is more noticeable in round designs compared to non-round designs. From 6000 pieces, we can place the printing exactly in the center.

You can also optionally order token counting trays that are suitable for our tokens.

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