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Numbers & Number Tags

Numbers Tags and signs with numbers in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Can't find what you are looking for? Submit a request to us and we will gladly help you.

We offer a wide selection of numebr tags and numbers. In our webshop we have a standard selection of sizes and thicknesses, but we are happy to help you make number tags in a specific size, thickness or plates with slots or holes as desired.

Number Tag Materials 

Most number tags that we sell are made of Outdoor Acrylic (plastic). Acrylic is relatively cheap, weather resistant and of course does not rust. These number plates are also excellent for outdoor use. Acrylic number tags are available with tape or drilled holes and the numbers are engraved on the plates. Acrylic is slightly flexible and can be broken or scratched with extreme brute force.

Aluminium is the most common metal variant for number tags. Aluminum is a semi-strong but light material. We print and engrave aluminum, where printing is cheaper than engraving, mainly because coloring engravings is a time-consuming work. We can also print the aluminum number tags in full colour, which is an ideal and attractive solution for a logo above the number, for example.

Other options are Stainless Steel number tags. Stainless steel is much stronger than aluminum and hardly deforms under extreme weight or heat. We always work with high-quality stainless steel for our number plates, and not just with a glass coating. Our heat resistant labels can also be an option for using plates in the oven.

Brass is especially a very beautiful material which gives the number plates a chic look. Brass is also relatively expensive, but also a very durable material. Brass is also referred to by the name copper yellow because the colour is similar to the colour of gold. The color of brass can change slightly in the open air. Brass is a material that does not rust.


I don't want to start my numbers at 1, is that possible?

This is no problem. All number tags have a text field in which you can indicate your own numbers. This can be from 1, but this can also be another number. If you have random or non-consecutive numbering, we would like to receive your numbers one below the other in an Excel ([email protected]). In this way we minimize the chance of errors.

I want a hole (s) of exactly .. mm in my number tags, is that possible?

That is certainly possible, but in that case send us a request. Our webshop only contains a selection of standard number tags. Based on the request, we will send you a quote without any obligation. Do not forget to send the desired material, quantities and dimensions in you request.

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